This Dark Horse Team Could Spoil Buffalo Bills 2022 Odds

August 16, 2022

The Buffalo Bills are the odds favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. However, the new Miami Dolphins could be the rival team to spoil those odds.

If you’re still laughing when fans say Tua Tagovailoa will help take the Miami Dolphins far as the dark horse team of 2022, then you may have been slumbering the past six months. It is now common knowledge that Tagovailoa had an anomaly of several circumstances that limited him from performing at an elite level. Most of those circumstances, which some were unknown before, have all been publicly revealed since the firing of former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores. If it were not for those limitations unfairly placed on him, everyone would have been talking about Tagovailoa being the same elite statistical threat to NFL defenses the past two years as Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow were.

Miami Dolphins Could Be The Team To Spoil Bills Odds In 2022

Honestly, Tagovailoa has never been the problem for the Dolphins since he’s been with the team. Bad coaching and a bad organization were. Before the Dolphins drafted him, everyone knew he had a hip injury. And somewhere along the way, that injury just magically disappeared from everyone’s mind as if he never sustained that injury. When he didn’t put out the statistical numbers like Justin Herbert did, fans that had clouded judgment from their fandom forgot that when someone is hurt, they can’t play as well at the time. For those unaware, Tagovailoa was still recovering from that injury his rookie season, playing at only being 60% healthy.

Tagovailoa will be entering the 2022 NFL season just two months shy of sustaining a dislocated hip and fractured posterior wall three years earlier. The hip has mended and he’s much healthier three years later. Tagovailoa has revealed in an interview that his playbook never had plays designed for downfield passes last year. Now, a new coaching staff with a new offensive coordinator is letting him be himself, throwing the ball downfield. Contrary to opinion, he will be a reason he will bring a dark horse team to the playoffs, not a reason that won’t.

Currently, odds in Vegas have the Buffalo Bills as the favorites to make it to the Super Bowl this season. But if the Dolphins have a say, they could be a dark horse team that crashes the party. The mistake that many people are making this year is that they are still thinking that the Dolphins are the same team it was the past two years, and they aren’t. Yes, it’s true that even though the Dolphins got better on paper, so did every other AFC East team as well. But what is being overlooked is even though other teams got better, the Dolphins got much better than the other teams.

There is not a receiver duo any better or faster than Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in not only just the AFC East but the entire NFL. For those that want to debate that isn’t true because you think that Waddle had a 4.37 40-time, that was an unofficial time recorded for Waddle when he was a kid in high school. Waddle raced Henry Ruggs, who had a 4.27 official 40-time at the NFL Combine, when he was in college and tied him. Both of the receivers don’t drop passes that much, so with Tagovailoa’s accuracy, the yards after catches will be hard to stop.

Terron Armstead is the best-left tackle in the AFC East and is one of the best in the NFL. His veteran presence and knowledge alone will improve the entire offensive line. As far as the run-game goes, no AFC East team has improved their backfield as much as the Dolphins have. With the additions of Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, and Sony Michel, the team became the fastest backfield in the division.

As far as defense goes, Xavien Howard is statistically the best press coverage cornerback in the NFL. He also has the most interceptions (27) of any player in the past five years. He’s intercepted Josh Allen before and he will probably do it again. The defensive front, which are all returning with the exception of Adam Butler, was fifth in the NFL with an accumulated sack total of 48 sacks in 2021.

Despite the improvements, Dolphins fans don’t need to underestimate the Bills. They are still a good team and will still be competitive. However, Bills fans don’t need to underestimate the 2022 Dolphins, believing the Bills will be as dominant as they were the past few years against the Dolphins. Fans don’t need to be too quick to assume the Dolphins are instant wins for the two games the Bills play them.

New Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is considered an offensive guru and his offensive mind may help get the Dolphins past the slump of not winning against the Bills. The 2022 Dolphins is a different team. They are definitely set to be the dark horse team that will rise to the top, spoiling plans for other team’s success.