This 2022 AFC East NFL Team Should Not Be Underestimated

August 8, 2022

The Miami Dolphins has been underestimated by many sports analysts. But the Dolphins is a team that should not be underestimated for the 2022 season.

Any NFL fan in 2022 that hears talented names like Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Terron Armstead, Sony Michel, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Mike Gesicki, Xavien Howard, Jevon Holland, Jaelan Phillips, Emmanuel Ogbah, Christian Wilkins, and elite accuracy like Tua Tagovailoa being on the same team would automatically assume that a team like that would be instant Super Bowl contenders. Those are just a few players who are on the 2022 Miami Dolphins. But surprisingly, there have been many sports analysts picking the Dolphins to not even make the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins Should Not Be Underestimated In 2022

In fact, the odds-on betting lines are not favorable for a team that has as much loaded talent as the 2022 Miami Dolphins does. Most betting odds have the Dolphins finishing the season with less than ten wins and no less than eight losses. And there are many sports analysts that seem to agree with those odds.

Most analysts point to Mike McDaniel being a first-year head coach and Tua Tagovailoa’s first two seasons as the reasons the Dolphins have odds of finishing under ten wins. As far as McDaniel being a first-year head coach, there are several NFL head coaches that have won more than ten games their first year and at least three have won at least 14 games their first year as a head coach.

For anyone predicting Tagovailoa’s 2022 season based on his first two years in the NFL must understand that those seasons were an anomaly. The performances that Tagovailoa put out in his first two NFL seasons were not really him and there were multiple reasons for that.

Tagovailoa was recovering from major hip surgery as a rookie, he had no run game, his receivers couldn’t get any separation, there were no designed downfield plays, the plays were called to be for only one receiver, he had a poor relationship with his head coach, he had the worst offensive line in the NFL, he suffered broken ribs and a broken finger, and he endured the rumors that he was going to be either traded or released for Deshaun Watson.

Now that McDaniel has come on board as the new head coach for the Dolphins, Tagovailoa seems to have been able to return to himself during training camp. He has looked very sharp and contrary to myth; he’s thrown several deep balls. Several of his teammates and even some sports analysts have said that Tagovailoa will return to the version of himself that everyone saw when he was a quarterback at Alabama. If that is true, with the type of receiving threats the Dolphins have, opposing defenses will have trouble when they face the Dolphins in 2022.

With an improved offensive line, an improved running game, and improved receiving corps, a more confident and healthier quarterback, and a solid defense, it is very possible that the Dolphins will be competing with the Buffalo Bills to be division leaders in the AFC East. Anyone that underestimates the Miami Dolphins in 2022 should re-assess why they are thinking that way.

The 2022 Miami Dolphins are absolutely loaded with talent. To think the Dolphins won’t make it to the playoffs this season would be a foolish thought. This Dolphins team will be one of the great NFL teams of 2022 and nobody should underestimate them at all.

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