Receiver Believes Social Media Team Intentionally Posted Sneaky Dolphins Underthrow Practice Video

July 5, 2022

According to Tyreek Hill, the Miami Dolphins social media team have been teasing Tagovailoa’s ability as a sneak tactic. Hill believes the media team posted a video of an underthrown pass intentionally.

The Miami Dolphins social media team posted a video on Twitter of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throwing an underthrown practice pass to wide receiver Tyreek Hill earlier this year. Good intentions or not, the aftermath was anything but positive. Several sports analysts took to the airwaves criticizing the throw, saying it was underthrown and that was what Hill should expect this season.

Hill Believes Social Media Team Posted Video Intentially

Hill immediately answered with his own video he posted on Twitter of Tagovailoa throwing a pass he caught in stride. But for Tagovailoa it appeared the damage had already been done. The criticism spread from media outlets to the NFL fanbase. Since that time, Tagovailoa has been the brunt of jokes which gave him the stigma of having a weak arm.

But the Dolphins players are noticing the criticism, including Tagovailoa. Despite saying he zones the criticism out, he did say after a practice that Twitter warriors and keyboard warriors weren’t out there practicing with them. He continued to say that the last pass he threw to Hill that day looked like money, and didn’t know if the media recorded it or not.

Since that time, Hill has started his podcast called “It Needed To Be Said.” Hill received criticism of his own after he said on his podcast that he preferred Tagovailoa because he was more accurate than his former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. He even said that he received death threats because of the comment.

On Tuesday, a promotional video of the fifth episode of “It Needed to Be Said” was released on social media. In the video, Hill can be seen talking with Miami Dolphins and Tagovailoa’s former Alabama teammate, Jaylen Waddle. The discussion was about Tagovailoa. In the video, Hill said, “…all of the clips they’ve been releasing, you just can’t show it all. That’s why I really believe they showed that clip of Tua underthrowing me, just to get people talking. Because they really know what Tua’s capable of. There’s a plan behind everything.”

When co-host Julius Collins asked Waddle if there was a plan to bury the man, Waddle gave his own answer. Waddle said that Tagovailoa looks scary right now. He continued to say, “I’m not going to sugar-coat it. He’s been that guy since Alabama…I’ve been seeing this. I’m going to be happy when everybody else gets to see what I’ve been seeing.”

The summation of the promo video for the podcast is that the social media team was using a sneaky tactic to encourage underestimation of Tagovailoa. According to Hill and Waddle, Tagovailoa has been showing more promise than anticipated in practice than fans realize. But what is really happening in those practices are being masked by the Dolphins social media team to hide what kind of year Tagovailoa will have.

Whether the social media team intentionally posted a video of an underthrown pass by Tagovailoa to keep his ability to shine a secret or not, we still have to wait for the season to start.

Tyreek’s fifth episode of the podcast “It Needed To Be Said” can be seen Friday night at 7pm EDT.