Why Skepticism Still Exists For This 2022 NFL Team Despite Off-Season Improvements

June 25, 2022

There are reasons that skepticism still exist for the Miami Dolphins in 2022.

The Miami Dolphins didn’t win the draft because they had no picks until round three. But they may have won free agency, signing Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead, Sony Michel, Chase Edmonds, Cedric Wilson, Raheem Mostert, Connor Williams, and Melvin Ingram. Despite all of that, skepticism for their success is still running rampant among fans and sports analysts. And the reasons are more than one.

Dolphins Skepticism Still Exist Despite Improvements

The most common reason for the skepticism is media influence. It doesn’t matter if it’s social media or television media, people can be easily manipulated by media outlets. To most, media is king and reliable, despite an age where news has become predictive and speculative rather than see-and-report.

In the Dolphins case this off-season, the team has become an easy target for criticism among national sports shows. It’s true that just like some fans, there may be the occasional sports analysts that has a disdain for the Dolphins, their fanbase, and any player that played for Nick Saban at Alabama. Therefore, they may intentionally paint a narrative negative about the players and teams. But that isn’t the case on most occasions.

The fact is that a lot of national sports shows don’t cover just one team. They cover every team in the NFL. And they don’t just cover football, but they cover all sports. So, those shows may only have time to scratch the surface and may not even know the context of what they are discussing. And in so doing, they have no choice but to become casual sports analysts. What they cover is so massive that it is impossible to know the context of every situation on every team in every sport. So as casual sports analysts and show hosts, they are looking in from the outside.

Most sports shows have put their doubt in Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. But again, that goes back to not being able to know the context about Tagovailoa because of the tremendous workload of stories to cover. And that lack of knowledge about the context has surprised a lot of hosts on air when they’ve seen that his stats weren’t as bad as they were presenting him to be. Because the Dolphins have lost two critical games the past two seasons, sports programs point to the quarterback. Then it becomes a criticizing rally from only the 16.3% of bad throws he made in 2021, ignoring the 80.7% of good throws.

The skepticism from casual fans can fall into the same category as the casual sports analysts on any sports show. They may see the 16.3% of bad throws in highlights and assume that is the type of quarterback Tagovailoa has always been. However, that does not account for the lifelong fan who has watched every game, yet still remains skeptical. For some, including the lifelong fan, skepticism isn’t about the quarterback as much as it is for a rookie head coach who has yet to head coach an NFL game. Despite the fact new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has a history of success as an assistant and coordinator on the offensive side of the ball, many fans are still cautious.

The new coach and the new talent have been a welcome surprise for a lot of fans. But no matter what level of talent, there are dedicated Dolphins fans that have been waiting over twenty years to see a playoff win. Those fans are the ones that have already slipped to far down the hole of skepticism that it’s going to take that playoff win before they start believing again.

So, whether it’s the casual sports analyst, the casual fan, the lifelong fan, or the hopeless fan until that playoff win happens, skepticism for a lot of fans is still going to exist for the Miami Dolphins.