NFL Player Received Death Threats Over Comments Taken Out Of Context

June 21, 2022

Tyreek Hill said he received death threats on social media about his comments on his podcast.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill ruffled some feathers a couple of weeks ago on the first episode of his podcast, “It Needed to be said.” But those comments resulted in death threats on social media. He said that he preferred receiving passes over Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa over Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He said his preference for receiving passes from Tagovailoa was because the Dolphins quarterback was more accurate than Mahomes. Although Hill did say that Mahomes had a stronger arm than Tagovailoa, many didn’t like that he said he preferred Tagovailoa because he was more accurate.

Tyreek Hill Received Death Threats Over Comments

Hill said, “I just think a lot of people overreacted for no reason,” about his comments on the second episode of his podcast “It Needed To Be Said,” which was released Tuesday evening. But the episode didn’t even get to three minute mark before Hill said, “by the way, I got death threats from every social media that I’m on. Every social media account I own, I got death threats on.”

Hill’s co-host, Julius Collins, who is also his lawyer, said that people were jumping in their DMs talking crazy before Hill said he received the death threats about his comments on Mahomes and Tagovailoa. Collins seemingly scolded the sports shows criticizing Hill about the comments. He associated the sports shows as programs that were telling Hill that they didn’t want to hear his opinion because he was getting paid. Collins said that sports shows need to chill with the “shut up and play” mentality.

In light of the death threats over his comments on his first episode, Hill made it clear that everyone knew that Mahomes was great. He went on to say that Tagovailoa was also great in his opinion, but doesn’t have the accolades behind his name yet. Hill said he believed in Tagovailoa.

Collins believes that Hill’s words were taken out of context. Explaining to everyone, which evidently included those that issued death threats, Collins said that Hill wasn’t downing anyone. Hill acknowledged Collins words and said he feels like Mahomes is accurate. Additionally, he said that he was putting confidence in his quarterback and that he plays with Tua now.

In most of the episode, Hill and Collins spent time discussing that what he was saying was his opinion. He also shared how sports shows reacted with opinions that influenced fans. He made it clear that he didn’t take a shot at Patrick Mahomes.

To Tyreek Hill’s point, he had a right to say what he did because it was his opinion. But Hill also said he believed what he said as well, hoping that Tagovailoa will help take the Dolphins to a Super Bowl.

Hill said he was committed to the Dolphins until the day he dies and was there to win a championship. Most importantly, he said he plays football so that he can take care of his family.

The contents of the death threats were never discussed. But he did say, “If anybody wants to give me heat for doing what’s best for me and my family, then go ahead and give me heat baby. But just know this, keep my kid’s name out y’alls mouth dog…Y’all can say death threat, Mr. Cheetah, whatever you want to say to Mr. Cheetah. But please, keep my family off limits man. That’s all I ask.”

The death threats should never happen over any sport. Unfortunately, this is a society where threats toward celebrities happen all too often. And for Tyreek Hill to get death threats over a sport he plays and talks about to make a living for his family is a shame.

Fans and media will get a chance to see the chemistry between Tagovailoa and Hill in an NFL season game this fall when the Dolphins season starts playing against the New England Patriots.